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Weather Button

This web site currently gets over 1,000 hits a day, and our Berkshire Weather Forecast page, www.newenglandweather.com/Berkshire/ is the most popular page on the site. You can now link this page to your web site, with the "Weather Button".

Ten top reasons to add the attached FREE "Berkshire Weather Button" to your web site:

  • #10 New England Weather Associates is the only weather forecast source in the Berkshires online.
  • #09 New England Weather Associates has been forecasting weather in the Berkshires since 1973.
  • #08 New England Weather Associates' "Berkshire Weather Forecast" is more detailed than any other source.
  • #07 The "Berkshire Weather Button" includes a "Weather Chat", where your web site visitors can directly ask the meteorologist their weather questions.
  • #06 The "Berkshire Weather Button" includes daily sunrise & sunset times for the next four days.
  • #05 New England Weather Associates "Berkshire Weather Forecast" is more accurate than any other source.
  • #04 The "Berkshire Weather Button" makes it easy for your web site visitors to get the Berkshire Weather, right on your web site, without having to go searching for it. They just click the "button", and it's there!
  • #03 The "Berkshire Weather Button" gives your web site visitors one more good reason to visit your web site!
  • #02 The weather is likely one of the most frequently asked questions your visitors ask, when planning a trip to the Berkshires - just direct them to your web site, and they have the latest, most accurate information!
  • #01 We've been working real hard on the "Berkshire Weather Button", and we REALLY, REALLY want you to add it to your web site. And, it's FREE!

  • **If you are not familiar with working with HTML, just forward this email to whoever does your web site.
    How to insert the button into your page(s):
    Simply save the picture above by right clicking (or option clicking if using MacOS), clicking "Save Picture As..." or "Save Image As...", and name it "weatherbutton.gif" (without the quotes). Next, upload the image to the Internet Directory of the page in which the button will be displayed, and insert the following piece of code into the HTML source code of the page, and users will have the weather at their fingertips, courtesy New England Weather Associates:

    The Result: The button should appear like the following:

    Click Here For The Latest Berkshire Weather Forecast
    Latest Weather Forecast


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